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What WiTuners Can Help

WiTuners ™ for WLAN planning, auditing and WLAN optimization

  • Boost your WLAN performance without new hardware.
  • Our innovative technology can increase WLAN performance by 100% or more.
  • Find out what your WLAN management tool does not do.
  • Prepare your WLAN for voice, video, and enterprise class applications.
  • Reclaim the wi-fi performance you already paid for!

Have you tried WiTuners yet?

All WLAN experts interested in WLAN optimization, WLAN planning and WLAN auditing are welcome to check what WiTuners does.

Like any predictive or analytical wireless monitoring and planning tools available on the market, WiTuners ™ allows users first to import a floor plan map, then assign properties to objects in the drawing (walls, floors), place virtual access points on the map and come up with the propagation of RF signals through this virtual environment. However, WiTuners ™ goes much further and does much more.


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