If some of you are interested in setting up a business establishment, Internet connection is a must. Why? Cause firstly, people make things easier through the help of internet to get the information that they need or want. Secondly, it’s another way of transferring certain information from one person or company to the other. It serves as a mode of transportation to lessen the workload of having to manually send letters to the recipients. And lastly, it’s another mode of communication within the given premises like for example: employees having to contact the higher management through appointment tickets, filing work offs and such using a specific web system through their computers using their login credentials and such. And it is also important for them to have the optimal quality of internet service for everything to just run smoothly. 

This is why most companies, before setting their connections go under a process called “Wireless site survey”. Now this procedure is actually a process of basically evaluating, planning, and also designing of a wireless network, and provides a solution that will cover all aspects like network capacity, the coverage too of course is utmost important, data rates and the QoS or Quality of Service. And it doesn’t end there, you would need to continuously monitor the performance of your Wireless Connectivity and maintain it to optimal performance.

In order for people to successfully perform this kind of process they would obviously require the help of Wireless Network Survey Tools. WiTuners™ offers assistance in this kind of field. Their tools give users an easier way to plan their wireless network setup. Their user-friendly, flexible Wireless Network Survey Tools not only helps users on getting started, but also helps them get optimum connection quality and maintain it at the same time. Not to mention that it’s actually software, it would be more cost efficient compared to your average hardware Wireless site survey, cutting the expenses at a fraction of the normal price, and now with its newly developed mobile survey software, not only will you be able to do it from the laptop or computer, but also from a mobile device or a tablet.

Of course if you are interested on giving them a shot, you can visit their website at where they can help you out with every questions that you got with your WiTuners™ Wireless Network Survey Tools like answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or their customer service to help you on designing a great WiFi site survey proportional to the needs of your establishment. Try giving it a go and they’re sure to meet your expectations.

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