What is Wi-Fi Planning? Wi-Fi Planning is a process used to estimate, plan, allocate and optimize the distribution of Wi-Fi connectivity in a certain establishments. These procedures are used commonly on large scale networks. And WiTuners™ have come up with software that would make your Wi-Fi Planning hassle free with its advanced, efficient and user-friendly interface. But how does Wi-Fi Planning work anyway?

Basically Wi-Fi Planning works as some sort of blueprint on how to distribute your internet connections on certain A.Ps (Access Points) on a certain area of your establishment. Now WiTuners™’ Interface lets you work on your own blueprint of each floor perimeter, like walls, A.Ps, other obstructions, the radio frequency and signal distribution of a certain connection on a given floor. If it’s your first time configuring your Wi-Fi deployment, not worry cause WiTuners™ will be helping you out all through the way, you can fix a lot of features during the deployment process like adjusting the positioning of A.Ps, you can also edit the positioning of walls for future references, or add additional A.Ps on the given map. It’s basically like a virtual trial and error program which saves us time, money, and effort in the long run. Speaking of saving money, WiTuners™ will help you create a cost effective deployment plan depending on the input and optimization goal that you’ve generated. It also makes you personalize the properties of specific A.Ps and its values. If you don’t know much about these kinds of things, let WiTuners™ take care of it by using its default 802.11 configurations. This configuration will make your deployment hassle free without having to worry about setting the wrong values on your access points.

Did you know that WiTuners™ Wi-Fi Planning software can even simulate the performance of your internet connection on the client’s point of view? Yes with the VSS (Virtual Site Survey) bot, you can now see the quality of your connection through the perspective of the client, not just the basic details, but even the exact values of the connection. And for you to gather info to work on optimizing your connection some more, you can set up survey points on specific areas on your floor or map using the VSS bot. This will keep track of the performance of internet connection on certain areas which will serve as records for future references and can be found from the VSS popup menu. Now that you have a general idea of how the software works, try paying them a visit on their website at  for more information

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