WiTuners™ is a company dedicated to creating optimum wireless network monitoring and deployment software. Now you’ve heard about their Wi-Fi planning tools and WLAN Performance Management software right? WiTuners™ actually came up with a better idea of putting all that into something that you can carry around with you, a mobile device. WiTuners™ has come up with a Wi-Fi Console for Mobile phones, mainly for androids to help you keep track of your connections, detect any problems and fix it real time wherever you go.

What are the features of this mobile application that makes it worth downloading on your phone? Well first off, it’s used for surveys around areas, usually people go through survey areas having to carry heavy laptops and such, but with this application, it makes surveys a lot easier and basically more accessible with its detailed information regarding A.Ps on certain survey points. It even allows you to load a floor map and set the appropriate A.Ps on certain parts of the map like the Wi-Fi planning tool for easier accessibility on information and a more detailed view of the map. This application also helps the user detect rogue A.Ps (Access Points). Rogue A.Ps can be a threat to stable and secure Wi-Fi networks and this application gives you the option of confirming on either removing the A.P from the list of connections or adding and renaming the A.P as one of the set A.Ps on the said establishment. The application helps users on selecting the best, optimal and secure Wi-Fi connection for your phone or tablet to connect to.

WiTuners™’ Wi-Fi Console for Mobile gives a continuous scan on Wi-Fi information around the area that you’re at for a certain interval for consistent and reliable connectivity. And this application allows you to send reports to your internet service provider or the Wi-Fi administrator on the area for immediate escalation and resolution. If you’re in need of help around how the application works, it also has a user guide and help section to answer all your questions and help you navigate through the ropes of the program.

All in all, WiTuners™ did a good job at implementing their Wi-Fi Console for Mobile devices, and this application is strongly recommended for Wi-Fi experts of all sorts. It’s all about keeping your connection optimal, and with this Wi-Fi Console for Mobile application, it’ll make things more convenient and easier for everyone. More network capacity, and less maintenance.

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