How do you keep your wireless network optimal at all times? Most people ask because they think it’s quite impossible to keep it at shipshape. Actually there’s an answer to that question, WiTuners™ is actually the first, mind you the first of its kind in the WiFi planning industry that can keep your Wi-Fi or wireless connections in optimal conditions at all times. How so? It’s through their optimal WLAN planning and their top of the line wireless connection tuning technology innovation which can’t be found on other wireless management software. WiTuners™ improves your Wireless Network experience by tons due to their Wireless Network Survey tools. Let’s have a rundown of how it exactly works.

Optimal WLAN planning is a procedure where the user customizes the WLAN, wireless coverage, AP positioning and such other attributes included like walls, floors, loopholes on connections etc. WiTuners™ helps you on creating the most optimal plan for your wireless connection to go with depending on your preferred key priority factors off there’s Deployment Optimization and Optimization for WLANS. This first tool serves as a foundation for your Optimal WLAN planning is the Deployment Optimization and planning for WLANS or DOP. As of what was mentioned above, that was it does. The second one that helps users on backing up the said connection and plan that was applied, they would need to use the On-Demand audit and optimization (OAO) for WLAN Performance software.

This software helps on monitoring the performance of the wireless connection throughout the whole vicinity. What it does is it runs an audit or a quick analysis and seeing if the said WLAN is operating properly. If it detects any kinds of problems, it will then optimize your connection to where your connection wouldn’t reach the warning threshold maintaining your connections at working condition, basically that means optimizing your WLAN quality at all times. Your Optimal WLAN planning won’t be optimal without your regular monitoring and scannings, WiTuners™’ Continuous Audit and Tuning for WLANS (CAT) works as a proactive monitoring software that checks your connection quality on a fixed interval and reports any problems that will impact the quality of service that the clients are having. And of course another software to back it up would be the Mobile Client Application of Wi-Fi Site Survey. This application is available through the android market, or just simply click on this link to get redirected

Moving on, this application helps you monitor through certain survey points that you’ve setup for live monitoring and maintenance of your wireless connections, this is also a way to detect other “rogue APs” that are inside the perimeter and will help you deal with them. These Wireless Network Service, monitoring and survey tools would help you in getting your desired Optimal WLAN planning effortlessly. And that’s all thanks to WiTuners™ thumbs up for their innovation and good work.

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