Improve Your WiFi At Your Business Using Wireless Network Service Tools

We are now living in a modern mobile world. This means regularly connecting to the internet through wireless network service tools using various devices. Most likely, you use Wi-Fi not only when you are at hotels, airports, or coffee shops, but also to connect at your home network, as well. You might even wish to be connected to a wireless network while at the office.

Problem is, Windows does not perform a particularly excellent task of providing wireless network service tools. It may allow you to connect and search for nearby networks, but that is just about the most of it. What would you do if you wish to acquire detailed data about each Wi-Fi network in range, or turn your device into a handy Wi-Fi hotspot, or keep your network safe from public hotspots, or troubleshoot your network? Windows would be of no help.

That is why you need to download wireless service network tools. One example is MetaGeek’s InSSIDer. It is a terrific tool for searching Wi-Fi networks in range of your device, and gathering a satisfying amount of details about each. It is also efficient for troubleshooting issues with your own wireless network. Among others, InSSIDer shows you the router manufacturer, the MAC address, the network speed, the type of security in it, the public network name or SSID, and the channel it is using, for every wireless network it finds. Moreover, it shows the network’s current signal strength, as well as the signal strength in due course.

How will you use wireless network service tools to troubleshoot? If you notice that your wireless network utilizes the same channel as with nearby hotspots with strong signals, you will know that you need to amend the channel which your network sends out and thereby lessen potential problems. A lot of routers have settings panels that allows you to do this.

You may also use the tools to identify if a Wi-Fi connection is a dead zone that does not get a strong signal. Walk around your office or home with the InSSIDer tool installed on a laptop in order to see where the signal strength fails. You may either avoid using your device in those areas, or try to reposition the wireless router in order to see if it improves the coverage. Whether you have to search Wi-Fi hotspots or troubleshoot a wireless network, this is one of the several wireless network service tools that you may wish to try and download.

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