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How A Simple And Free WiFi Planning Software Can Improve Your Network

In many respects, planning a WiFi network is similar to planning wired networks. You need to consider all the fundamentals: where you are going to set up, the amount of users you have to accommodate, and so on. However, wireless networks have its own set of issues dissimilar to that of a wired network. Among these is the common idea that the WiFi network is not secure.

A wireless network with free WiFi planning software can help you improve the efficiency of your business. Studies have shown that the users will experience longer connections and more efficient activity through such tools. This is because they are more flexible than wired tools, and users can benefit from the enhanced ease of use. They are also cheaper and easier to set up, and you can accommodate laptops, tablets, and the latest mobile devices. Continue reading

The Benefits of Site Survey WiFi

The Different Kinds Of Site Survey WiFi And The Things They Can Do

The first thing you need to do when setting up a wireless local access network is to make sure that you are using a site survey WiFi tool, which assesses the radio frequency behaviour in a particular environment. A lot of problems may emerge in a wireless network because of poor coverage and planning. It has been found that a lot of site surveys are not executed correctly or the site survey is completely omitted. What you need for optimal WiFi performance is proper preparation, planning, and identification of major items to test through the survey report analysis. Continue reading

A Brief Introduction To Wireless Network Monitoring Software

The wireless network monitoring software is composed of spatially allocated independent sensors for monitoring environmental or physical stipulations, such as pressure, sound, temperature, and more, in order to cooperatively transmit their data to a main location through the network. The more contemporary networks are bidirectional, also facilitating management of sensor activity. The innovation of the wireless network monitoring technology was inspired by military functions like battlefield surveillance. These days, such networks are utilized in several consumer and industrial applications like machine health monitoring and industrial process control and monitoring. Continue reading

A Brief Introduction To Site Survey Android

There are a lot of cheap site survey Android tools that can help you discover a little more about the nearby wireless network, as well as several costly devices that you may use to perform a more expert site survey. One example of this kind of tool is the Ekahau’s Mobile Survey for Android, which costs $299.

Wireless network administrators often require constant monitoring of RF activity for the purposes of operational troubleshooting, performance analysis, and security auditing. In order to achieve this, most administrators carry a couple of site survey Android tools, usually free and basic software that run on WiFi-enabled laptops and mobile gadgets, ranging from iPhone to WinCE. Continue reading

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