A Brief Introduction To Site Survey Android

There are a lot of cheap site survey Android tools that can help you discover a little more about the nearby wireless network, as well as several costly devices that you may use to perform a more expert site survey. One example of this kind of tool is the Ekahau’s Mobile Survey for Android, which costs $299.

Wireless network administrators often require constant monitoring of RF activity for the purposes of operational troubleshooting, performance analysis, and security auditing. In order to achieve this, most administrators carry a couple of site survey Android tools, usually free and basic software that run on WiFi-enabled laptops and mobile gadgets, ranging from iPhone to WinCE.

A number of advanced commercial wireless network analysis and monitoring tools for mobile gadgets have been made available to the public.  The 802.11n is deliberate to come out for mobile gadgets, the mobile SDK APIs are a poignant target, and graphics are hindered by restricted real estate. Because of this, merchandise in this arena have the tendency to be purpose-built or dedicated gadgets, such as BVS’ YellowJacket-BANG analyzer and Fluke’s AirCheck tester.

The Ekahau Company decided to try out the site survey Android industry by releasing the Ekahau Mobile Survey, which is an industrial toolkit for Android smart phones and devices. Supported gadgets include the Motorola Original/X/2, MyTouch 4G and HTC Evo 4G, HTC Desire/Desire Z/Desire HD, Google Nexus One, Samsung Galaxy S, and basically any tablet or phone with a screen resolution of at least 480×800 and running on an Android 2.1 software or higher.

In order to be an effective site survey Android tool for busy wireless network administrators, a product like the Ekahau Mobile Survey should be easy to set up and utilize. Reviews have reported that such product immensely satisfied these goals. You can set up the software by downloading the APK v1.0.5 file from the company website and installed an HTC Droid Eris running on Android 2.1. Clients may purchase from the company itself or via its resellers and distributors.

Subsequent to having installed the site survey Android tool, you may launch it right from the Android applications menu, or by clicking on the provided Mobile Survey widget. Such widget is astonishingly handy, providing effective signal strength, association status, and data rate. This information is paired with pause and play buttons that are able to control the real time monitoring feature of the software.

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