How A Simple And Free WiFi Planning Software Can Improve Your Network

In many respects, planning a WiFi network is similar to planning wired networks. You need to consider all the fundamentals: where you are going to set up, the amount of users you have to accommodate, and so on. However, wireless networks have its own set of issues dissimilar to that of a wired network. Among these is the common idea that the WiFi network is not secure.

A wireless network with free WiFi planning software can help you improve the efficiency of your business. Studies have shown that the users will experience longer connections and more efficient activity through such tools. This is because they are more flexible than wired tools, and users can benefit from the enhanced ease of use. They are also cheaper and easier to set up, and you can accommodate laptops, tablets, and the latest mobile devices.

If you do not have free WiFi planning software yet, you should first check if you have a wireless network already. With WAPs or wireless access points, it is so affordable that somebody might already have set up an unauthorized wireless network. Or, they may have been utilizing the ad-hoc services of WiFi network cards. Prior to starting a pilot system, you have to be aware of what you already have. It’s just like having an inspection done on building sites before going on with the construction.

Free WiFi planning software and WiFi networks utilize hardware tools called Access Points. Such Access Points have to be connected to a wired network. You’d be well advised to execute a site survey in order to determine where the cable runs. You may want to permit coverage of warehouses, production facilities, office suites, conference rooms, or whatever is suitable in your circumstance, whilst minimizing any reconfiguration or disruption of the wired network.

It may not be simple to compute the return of investment for the free WiFi planning software and the WiFi network, but it is an important metric for validating its expansion. If you are able to prove that the real value has amassed to the business and that the efficiency has increased, then you can assume that the set up was a success.

Be certain that your support crew are up to date on the wireless technology, that they are aware of what issues may transpire, and that the users are ready for the new services that the technology allows.

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