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How do you keep your wireless network optimal at all times? Most people ask because they think it’s quite impossible to keep it at shipshape. Actually there’s an answer to that question, WiTuners™ is actually the first, mind you the first of its kind in the WiFi planning industry that can keep your Wi-Fi or wireless connections in optimal conditions at all times. How so? It’s through their optimal WLAN planning and their top of the line wireless connection tuning technology innovation which can’t be found on other wireless management software. WiTuners™ improves your Wireless Network experience by tons due to their Wireless Network Survey tools. Let’s have a rundown of how it exactly works. Continue reading

WiTuners is hiring sales representatives

WiTuners is expanding its sales team as it grows rapidly. We have several full-time openings for Software Sales Representatives. The positions require a minimum of three years of experience on selling software products. Prior knowledge of wireless networks is preferable.

The positions are open to sales professionals anywhere in the United States. No re-location is required. We offer a competitive base salary plus un-capped commissions and bonuses to the Sales Representatives. Interested candidates please contact WiTuners by email at

WiTuners offers cost-effective pure software solutions for performance management of large scale Wi-Fi networks.  Its optimal WLAN planning and automated real-time Wi-Fi performance tuning software is the first of its kind in industry that keeps wireless networks optimal, At All Times.

The Importance of a WiFi Site Survey

Whenever a person has set their sights on developing a wireless network and utilizing WiFi they need to understand that it is not just about setting up the network it’s also about monitoring your WiFi  and making sure that it is operating at a peak level and that you are getting the most out of your wireless  network. Having a great WiFi Site Survey in place is designed to help you monitor your WiFi, and the  reason you want to do that is because of several reasons.

Now one of the first reasons is you want to monitor the WiFi to make sure that you getting the maximum output from the network that you can. You also want to monitor your system to make sure that it is safe and no-one is hacking into your WiFi especially if you deal with a lot of personal and confidential information. A WiFi Site Survey can help you plan your network and monitor your network. Continue reading

Why Monitoring Your Wireless Network Is Important

When you have Wi-Fi at work, you always want to monitor your wireless network. It is vital to the survival of your company to make sure people are not accessing information that should not be on your network. With the way that computers have become so prevalent, it is imperative your monitor your wireless network. There is software designed to help you do just that, and here at we can help you with the best software to protect your network. Now you may be wondering why this is so important at your business so we will look at why next.

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Wi-Fi Optimization Software

In the world of Wi-Fi you want to make sure that you are getting the best out of your WLAN. Since your WLAN is vital to the success of your business, then you want to make sure that you have the very best Wi-Fi optimization software that you can have. Just like a sales manager has sales goals for his sales force, he also has a way to track what his sales force is doing, to make sure they achieve their goals. You cannot tell if you are getting the best out of your Wi-Fi if you don’t know how to track it. Here at we have the very best in Wi-Fi optimization software that will help you monitor your Wi-Fi and track your WLAN.

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Optimal Wireless Networks

Everything you need to keep your wireless networks optimal.

  • Mobile Wi-Fi Site Survey
  • Planning Optimization
  • On Demand Audit
  • WLAN Continuous Tuning

WiTuners for WLAN gives you more capacity with less maintenance offering cost effective pure software solutions for Wi-Fi performance management.

Our online software as a service (SaaS) is for professional deployment of large scale wireless networks and optimizes capacity and includes WLAN Planning, WLAN Auditing, and WLAN optimization.

WiTuners software consists of two service modules – the Advanced Deployment Planning Module and the Real-Time Performance Auditing and Optimization Module.

We also have a 100% FREE mobile Wifi application in the Google Play App Store!

Wi-Fi Planning Software

Role of Wi-Fi Planning Software
Setting-up wireless networks might appear to be a child’s play these days. However, the efficiency and performance of these wireless networks is the point of utmost importance. Are you in a line of business that involves client servicing or is your trade hampered if the network is unable to operate quickly and meet with growing traffic demands? If the answer to these questions is a yes, then you definitely cannot afford accomplishing all the necessary tasks in a network that works as slow as a tortoise and fails to deliver the much needed functionality in handling traffic. So what’s the solution to combat all these network performance issues? Well, the most suggested solution to overcome such problems is WiTuners, the Wi-Fi planning software.

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Does your WLAN planning cover the two primary elements of a wireless network?

Comprehensive wireless network performance assessment and optimization has to cover in detail the two primary elements of a wireless network: its propagation environment and its network devices. The propagation environment is defined by the RF transparency and reflectivity of building materials and objects. The network main device parameters are transmission power, receiver sensitivity and antenna pattern. Using these parameters, the propagation environment is considered separately from the viewpoint of each receiver to determine the properties of the signal path between itself and all transmitters that could affect it. This allows exact determination of the signal to noise + interference ratio for each received signal – this determines the data rate for each transmitter in RF range.

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Key Factors to Wireless Network Performance

Wireless network performance depends on many factors that do not play a role in today’s Ethernet and other wired networks: data rate, signal strength, propagation conditions and interference, to name the main ones. These factors interact in many ways, sometimes in a counterintuitive manner and that makes planning and operational performance management difficult, even with the management tools provided by the main wireless LAN vendors. Matters get even more complicated as users transition to more applications and services that contain more pictures and video: the increased bandwidth demands seem hard to meet, even when adding Access Points.

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The Grace Period for WLANs Without Real Optimization Is Over

WLAN planning, WLAN performance auditing and WLAN optimization is notoriously difficult, complex, time consuming and expensive, largely due to the complex nature of wi-fi networks and its operating environment. In the past few years, however, sub-optimally deployed and maintained WLANs seemed to have survived, without much end user complaint. Unfortunately, such a grace period is gone, for good. Why?

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