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A Brief Introduction To Site Survey Android

There are a lot of cheap site survey Android tools that can help you discover a little more about the nearby wireless network, as well as several costly devices that you may use to perform a more expert site survey. One example of this kind of tool is the Ekahau’s Mobile Survey for Android, which costs $299.

Wireless network administrators often require constant monitoring of RF activity for the purposes of operational troubleshooting, performance analysis, and security auditing. In order to achieve this, most administrators carry a couple of site survey Android tools, usually free and basic software that run on WiFi-enabled laptops and mobile gadgets, ranging from iPhone to WinCE. Continue reading

Utilizing Our Wireless Site Survey Freeware

In business sometimes you have to think about upgrading all the time and sometimes that includes planning and designing a wireless network. Here at www.WiTuners.com you can certainly have us help you in setting up the wireless network. We offer help in utilizing wireless site survey freeware which is used to help you figure out the perfect way to set up your wireless network. In business whichever way to make your business work better and more efficiently is better for your business. Continue reading

WiFi Site Survey Android for WiFi Professionals

In today’s world with technology being the way it is phones have become just like laptops. WiFi Site Survey Android is for professional business people and allows business people to access their site survey right from their Android phone. The reason that WiFi Site Survey Android makes sense is because it makes much more convenient for business professionals. Anything that makes a professional’s job easier and more efficient is a good thing, and the whole purpose behind Android phones is so that it can be utilized by business professionals.

Here are a few features of the WiFi Site Survey Android:

  • Upload and save your WiFi Survey Data in a CSV file, and database. CSV is the most popular format.
  • Quickly finds you the best APs and easily connect with just one click.
  • Report any Issues you may have to your administrators or service providers
  • Download and save your detailed WiFi Survey Reports in a pdf file. Continue reading
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